The iSENSYS Mako was originally developed as an extremely cost effective consumable surface target. Its capabilities include speeds of over 60mph in moderate seas, with a duration of more than 20 hours. The goals for this project were cost effectiveness while decreasing fielding logistic costs. The Mako can be deployed from land and autonomously navigate to its operational station. We also provide unmanned retrofit kits to convert current surface vessels into unmanned systems. The solutions take full advantage of all current drive-by-wire technologies found in today’s marine systems, decreasing cost and complexity while increasing performance and reliability. Through recent request, iSENSYS is beginning an ROV and sub-surface development exploration, with project focus to increase ROV viability and survey capabilities. We have developed some new passively activated vectored thruster technologies, which we believe will greatly enhance position keeping and increase 3D laser scanning accuracy with ROVs.