Our modular approach to vehicle integration has allowed us to develop several ground target solutions. We started in ground vehicles by developing kits to retrofit commonly available passenger vehicles. While cost effective and reusable, the kit solution sometimes lacks reliability and precision, which is mostly dependent on the vehicle utilized. Employing our kit solution allows for rapid dynamic target fielding and complete adaptability to customer needs. We also have solutions for more reliability and precision in a ready to deploy package, still with a sensitivity to cost. The iSENSYS Wolverine is proving effective for those advanced weapon and sensor testing needs. Tests can now be completed in the harshest of conditions with the most demanding mission profiles. Speeds of over 100mph are feasible, with most operations consisting of speeds in the 50mph range. In addition, team iSENSYS can retrofit and/or upgrade current assets, revitalizing unserviceable platforms or DRMO resources. With our intimate knowledge of most currently fielded systems we can extend the service life of legacy remote systems though updates and upgrades.