About Us

In 2014 Chandler Griffin established iSENSYS in Melbourne, Florida. Before starting iSENSYS, Chandler was the owner of a small company that manufactured prototype rotary aircraft main rotor blades for industry-leading large aerospace manufacturers. During this time, Chandler was repeatedly asked to develop the main blade design that would increase flight duration and lift capacity.  This led to the development of a complete custom VTOL unmanned aircraft system, designed and manufactured to operate in specific environments and perform distinct tasks. 

Today, Chandler focuses on unmanned systems for the military and in assisting in the development and utilization of these assets in theatre. iSENSYS offers data collection services for military, environmental, and industrial applications utilizing state of the art technologies, including unmanned systems. 

iSENSYS’ experience with world militaries has been an integral part of the company’s growth and evolution. Moving target presentations, to include air, surface, and ground target assets, have been a means of testing new developments and ideas in exciting ways. Long-range radio communications and our ability to realize actual network connectivity and reliability have set us apart from other unmanned systems operators. In-depth knowledge of the targeting processes – from JTAC, through weapons release, to damage assessment – motivates us to put the target in the window on time, every time

Chandler Griffin

Chief Technology Officer/President

Lauree Griffin

Chief Executive Officer

John Koos

Chief Operations Officer

Bryan Berrett

Director of Engineering

Kevin Short

Director of Business Development and Strategic Partnerships

Derek Brust

Production Manager and Field Technician

Matt Koos

Software Engineer

Sean Sweeney

Chief Pilot