The name iSENSYS is the fusion of Intelligent Sensing Systems. We provide complete solutions with robust, field-tested, man-portable equipment including: UAVs, lighter than air vehicles, guided surface vehicles, submersibles, telescopic platforms, and beyond.

iSENSYS, Inc. was initially born out of the need for fast, custom development of various sensing platforms for the Search and Rescue industries. Our field exercises with CRASAR and various other SAR personel have allowed us to conceptualize, design and build functional sensing devices that extend human abilities far beyond what many thought was possible. With direct input from people that use the equipment to save lives on a daily basis, and dedicating our own time in the field with those entities, we are able to customize equipment specific for the task and make it as user-friendly as possible. 

Our capabilities can be tapped to suit an endless number of inspection and remote imaging applications. So, if you have a need for any form of custom development (including, but not limited to UAVs, lighter than air vehicles, guided surface vehicles, submersibles or telescopic platforms), please contact us. If you are an inventor and in need of proof of concept or prototype models, we can help in this regard as well.

Being a small company has allowed us to remain very proactive to our clients needs. We offer extremely fast design, manufacturing, and field deployment activities, without the overhead typically associated with such custom development.

Our capabilities include:

  • Concept 
  • Design
  • Manufacturing
  • Training

Located in Melbourne, Florida, we are surrounded by a hotbed of aerospace and technology giants, and the weather is cooperative throughout the year for training and field excercises. Florida is also a perfect venue for testing UAV and GSV technologies, in environments typical to those found in most active deployments.

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