iSENSYS was founded on the ability to provide ‘solutions’ utilizing various Unmanned Robotic Systems prior to the current technology insertion that is now taking place in our industry.  iSENSYS is a manufacturer of diversified unmanned robotic systems for both the military and commercial market place.

Our vast experience with moving target systems, and ability to manufacture those systems,  have proven to be a reliable, cost effective solution for the National Guard Bureau, U.S. Navy, U.S. Airforce and U.S. Army.  With over 300 unmanned ground vehicles integrated and deployed, the team at iSENSYS understands that setting up a robust communications network is critical for the safe operation and monitoring of unmanned vehicles, as well as key to the delivery of the required data that is broadcast and recorded during the test events.  iSENSYS can support Asymmetrical Training as well as complex testing and validation in a Multi-Domain Environment.

Currently under development for the commercial sector is a multi-rotor UAV to be utilized in the testing and concept proofing of an Unmanned Traffic Management system.  This unit will enable police and firefighters increased oversite and security while supporting the community.