Since 2005, iSENSYS has been delivering unmanned systems and services to military and industrial customers throughout the world.  The name iSENSYS is the fusion of Intelligent Sensing Systems, which is the ultimate challenge for any robotic asset. We provide complete solutions with robust, field-tested equipment. 

Our staff has a very broad range of experience, something which we have come to depend heavily on.  This breadth of experience allows us to see tangency in technology, and apply concepts between industries, which is very rare.  We have an innate ability to reach outside the box and employ trusted technologies in new and unforeseen ways.

Located in Melbourne, Florida, we are surrounded by a hotbed of aerospace and technology giants, and the weather is cooperative throughout the year for training and field excercises. Florida is also a perfect venue for testing UAV and GSV technologies, in environments typical to those found in most active deployments.