Our forte is conceptual engineering and evolution through iteration.  Our vast knowledge in most areas of technology, and a growing understanding of the rest was built through field experience, integration challenges, and an overwhelming desire to be true to solution management.

iSENSYS was born out of the need for fast, custom development of various sensing platforms for the military and search and rescue industries. We conceptualized, designed, and built functional sensing devices that extend human abilities far beyond what many thought was possible. With direct input from the people that interacted with our equipment and dedication to our own time in the field as service agents of those entities, we found a communication process that enabled us to move forward and continue to customizing equipment as needs continue to evolve to this day and maintain products, specific for any task, making the end result as user-friendly as possible.

iSENSYS wants to partner with you. Our capabilities can be exploited to suit whatever your project might be and we welcome new challenges. If you have a need for any form of custom development, let us be your ‘skunk works’. We have a knack for design and production of consumer and industrial devices: data collection, communications equipment, robotic assets, ROV thrusters, vessel positioning technologies, unmanned systems – all because we can.  

If you are an inventor and in need of proof of concept or prototype models, we can help in this regard as well.

Being a small company has allowed us to remain very proactive to our client’s needs. We offer extremely fast design, manufacturing , and field deployment activities.  Operating without the overhead typically associated with such custom development and unhampered by bureaucracy, our solutions typically cost much less than traditional efforts.

Our qualifications include:

  • Conceptualization
  • Prototype Design
  • Manufacturing consulting
  • Training
  • Field Testing & Services
  • Integration