UAS and UGV Operations

iSENSYS’s operators have proven experience conducting challenging operations around the world.  With thousands of mission hours in support of weapon system evaluation, development, training, ISR and disaster recovery our teams ensure we exceed expectations.


Avionics and Payload Integration

iSENSYS has of years of experience in integrating optical sensors for CCAS and ISR in various fixed and rotary wing platforms. We are fully staffed with avionics technicians, airframe and power plant experts, electrical engineers and payload/radar operators ready to design, develop and manufacture customized platforms and electronics.


Aircraft Design and Analysis

iSENSYS’s experience in rotary and fixed wing UAS design and flight operations has allowed us to develop and manufacture platforms for military and civilian aerospace applications world-wide.


Systems Testing

Our multi-domain vehicles are used as platforms to test and evaluate emerging optical, flight control and environmental sensing technologies.