Experiences with the world’s militaries have been an integral part of the company’s growth and evolution. Moving target presentation, to include air, surface, and ground target assets, has been a means of testing new developments and ideas in interesting ways. Long range radio communications and our ability to realize actual network connectivity and reliability has set us apart from other unmanned systems operators. An in-depth knowledge of the targeting processes – from JTAC, through weapons release, to damage assessment – motivates us to put the target in the window on time, every time.

In addition, we have deployed with numerous search and rescue entities to disaster situations; hurricanes, structural collapse, fire scenes, etc.  Hurricane Katrina was one of the most notable, operating unmanned systems to perform search and rescue and conduct structural surveys of impacted buildings.

Outside of the military or civil needs, we operate for industry and research.  These needs are always a challenge, and they push us to develop better and more rugged products.

iSENSYS personnel are field capable, most are first responders at minimum, search and rescue qualified, mountaineers, and overall outdoorsmen.  We like to get our hands dirty, and like to focus on the objective.  That said, your liability to use us in the field is dramatically reduced.  No whiners or desk jockeys here.