iSENSYS, as a company, never really had a chance to think about what we wanted to do.  Our direction has fortunately been provided to us by our clients.  Only recently have we taken a look back at our accomplishments, as well as observing the current state of the unmanned systems industry, and have realized that our forte is actually about ‘solutions’.

Thus, we have opened our minds and company to this concept and welcome new challenges.  We have vast knowledge in most areas of technology, and a decent understanding of the rest.  That knowledge base has been built through field experience, integration challenges, and an overwhelming desire to be a true geek squad.

Our capabilities can be exploited to suit whatever your project might require. If you have a need for any form of custom development (including, but not limited to unmanned systems), let us be your ‘skunk works’.

Being a small company has allowed us to remain very proactive to our client’s needs. We offer extremely fast design, manufacturing, and field deployment activities.  Operating without the overhead typically associated with such custom development and unhampered by bureaucracy, our solutions typically cost much less than traditional efforts.

Our capabilities include:

  • Conceptualization
  • Prototype Design
  • Manufacturing consulting
  • Training
  • Field Testing & Services
  • Integration