We Know
How To Collect
The Data You Need.

iSENSYS was born out of the need for fast, custom development of various sensing platforms for the military and search and rescue industries. We conceptualized, designed, and built functional sensing devices that extend human abilities far beyond what many thought was possible. With direct input from the people that interacted with our equipment and dedication to our own time in the field as service agents of those entities, we found a communication process that enabled us to move forward and continue to customizing equipment as needs continue to evolve to this day and maintain products, specific for any task, making the end result as user-friendly as possible.
Experiences with the world’s militaries have been an integral part of the company’s growth and evolution. Moving target presentation, to include air, surface, and ground target assets, has been a means of testing new developments and ideas in interesting ways. Long range radio communications and our ability to realize actual network connectivity and reliability has set us apart from other unmanned systems operators. An in-depth knowledge of the targeting processes – from JTAC, through weapons release, to damage assessment – motivates us to put the target in the window on time, every time.

Our Recent Work

Our current work is quite varied in scope and development focus.  Most of the projects may seem too diverse to have any efficiency as a company, but it is a fact that most of the underlying technology is robust.  We just manipulate the technology to suit our client’s needs.  Some current projects include:

  • Pulse Jet Engine Integrations and testing for manned and unmanned vehicles
  • Hybrid powered rotary aircraft systems
  • Lionfish biomass reduction though intelligent trapping – attraction utilizing acoustics, pheromones, water chemistry
  • Intelligent Target Arrays for weapons testing and sensor calibrations
  • Marine in-situ water quality testing utilizing stationary, subsurface, and surface autonomous vehicles
  • Unmanned ground vehicles for military and industrial use
  • Unmanned surface vehicles for military and environmental use